Sunday, December 7, 2014

E HOTELLING using ZigBee                                 

As we know that in today’s world wireless technology is become a passion in each industry, because of its positive outputs as well as the atomization, compactness. 
Our project “E- HOTELLING “is one step towards the wireless atomization in hotel industry. Which deals with the placing the order in atomization form without a manual efforts.
            The microcontroller based embedded system proposed under is an alternate solution for the above problem along with the addition to your hotel atomization. The system called E -Hoteling serves a menu card to the customer along with the rates on the LCD display. The customer can place his order by selecting the food by means of keypad provided. The order placed will then be transmitted directly to the kitchen and displayed on the LCD mounted at the kitchen along with the table no.
            We are developing this embedded kit basically for the standard restaurants where the customers are in the position to handle the kit in the user friendly manner.
                    BLOCK DIAGRAM
E hoteling project block diagram consist of the following blocks:

A  Transmitter Unit                                        
1. Microcontroller Unit                                  
2. Keypad Interfacing                                    
3. LCD Display Interfacing                           
4. Modulator                                                  
5. RF transmitter
B Receiver Unit
1. RF Receiver Unit
2. LCD display unit
3. Indicator unit
4. Demodulator unit

In this project we have a kit containing LCD display and Keypad which is positioned on each table in a hotel. When customers want to choose his menu then he has to just press the “reset” key as soon as he reset the key the whole menu card with prices, after that he has to select the required option after selected the item he has to press the “enter” key. After that the whole data will be transferred serially in the form of data pattern through RF transmitter for this purpose we use the “Amplitude Shift Keying Modulation (ASK)” is used.
After sending the data the receiver will receive that data stream after receiving this microcontroller will send the data to the LCD display. After getting this message the cook will place this order to particular table.
The hardware requirements of the project will be
·         Power Supply
·         8051 series Microcontroller
·         Push Buttons
·         Transformer
·         Diodes
·         Voltage Regulator
·         Crystal
·          LEDS
·         Capacitors
·         Resistors
·         Buzzer
·         Keypad
·         RF module
The software requirements of the project will be
§  Keil compiler
§  Languages: Embedded C or Assembly
§  DUMPING SOFT WARE: Using Micro controller flash Software we are dumping our HEX Code into Micro Controller 

  • less human efforts
  • User friendly.
  • Cost effective.
  • Easy to build.
  • In hotels