Sunday, December 7, 2014

Smartphone battery recharges in 30 seconds

An Israeli company has developed a battery technology that can charge a mobile phone in just 30 seconds and could charge an electric car in minutes.

Created by researchers from Tel-Aviv based technology firm StoreDot, the battery can store a much higher charge more quickly, in effect acting like a sponge to soak up power and retain it.

The innovation is based around the creation of 'nanodots' – artificial peptide molecules about 2.1nm in diameter that the company synthesises and releases into the battery to rapidly increase its absorption and retention of power.

While the current prototype is far too bulky for a mobile phone, the company believes that by 2016 it will be ready to market a slim battery that can absorb and deliver a day's power for a smartphone in just 30 seconds.

It could also be used, it says, to charge a car battery in just two to three minutes.

So far, the company has raised $48million from two rounds of funding in order to make the technology a reality.